Art is a collection of activities, objects or ideas that are typically visual in nature and designed to be experienced by humans.

It’s not only the Tangible Things

Art may also refer to the result of creative or intellectual skill and effort, produced within a tradition of craftsmanship and often characterized as aesthetic. The term can also refer to any single piece of artwork.

The benefits of studying art typically include:

  • Learning about new perspectives and ways of thinking about things
  • Developing creativity and imagination
  • Encouraging self-reflection, empathy, and perspective-taking skills
  • Gaining an appreciation for beauty; cultivating compassion for others; understanding aspects of culture that might not have been considered previously

Other Benefits of Studying Art

One benefit of studying art is that it can improve your mental health.

Some studies have shown that people who draw, paint, and create often show lower levels of stress and depression than those who don’t engage in these activities.

Art Therapy at its Finest

Art therapy can also be beneficial for children with autism. Studies have found that children who participated in this type of therapy showed higher levels of language development and improved social skills compared to children in general education classes.